Foreign Clothing Companies

In this article I will be talking about some of the clothing companies that I have featured on the site. Some of the companies are well known businesses and others are making their mark within the industry. I will be covering the foreign clothing businesses that you may have not heard about and what they offer to potential customers. The companies that I will be discussing below are 9Fuda, East Essence, and Korean Mall.

Clothing Companies:

What is 9Fuda?

9Fuda is clothing apparel store based on the Chinese clothing company. The company is actually based out of China itself and it offers high-quality fashion of clothes for men and women. They offer products such as blouses, jackets, coats, dresses, and more. Most of the prices that they range in is close to the $100 just to start, but they also offer deals as well for their fashionable style. They do not offer free shipping but it’s a flat fee of $25 regardless the size of the order.

From 9Fuda:

9 - has the same sound as 久 which means permanent, forever. fu - 福 means happiness, good luck, good fortune. da - 达 means arrive, come, accomplish.


What is East Essence?

East Essence is another clothing company that offers their Islamic apparel style. This business has a more affordable price range that won’t put too much dent in your pockets. I have seen prices as low as $7.99 so they do have a much better range. Also the range of products are much deeper in which they offer Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, and much more. East Essence also offer to visitors high end jewelry as well to go along with their clothing. This company is based out of the United States in Silicon Valley, California.

East Essence:

What is Korean Mall?

Korean Mall is an online shopping mart that offers many things such as home & garden products, sports, food, and much more. They have a variety of different brands in their stock. Korean Mall has beean around for over 10 years now, starting in the year of 2007. The owner is CEO : Sung Hoon. Choi of the company. Their mission is to provide the most competitive products the market has to offer and of course they are located in Korea.

Korean Mall:

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