Finding Marijuana Companies Online

With times changing in the world, marijuana has been becoming a staple in the legal field of what we consume. Marijuana has been around for a long time and has been on many debates about how safe it is or how bad it is? Marijuana companies have now been cashing in for at least the past decade starting with states such as California and Colorado. Even with many companies that has to keep showing good reasons, it’s a battle that seems to be slowly winning in different segments in our lives as the marijuana industry has brought in billions of dollars. Now, there are not only companies in certain demographics but these companies are in stocks and online with many store fronts to come in the e-commerce, online shopping world. Below I will give you a history of a few of these companies and their purpose of what they bring to the table of the “blazing glory” world of cannabis.


The first company is called Green CulturED which is based in Denver, Colorado. What do they bring to the table? Well do will help you to grow a weed business. Yes, a pot driven business!! They are in the eLearning industry when it comes to teaching you what you need to know. They know well about the cannabis industry and their mission is to keep you informed and informed to the changes that are constant. Green CulturED is more on the medical side of the business and they do have a nice list on their site of their do’s and don’ts. They are part of the NCIA(National Cannabis Industry Association), OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and SHRM(Society for Human Resource Management). So if this is something you’re interested please take your time to check this company and get more information!

Let’s move on to the next marijuana company in this article but different for your cannabis. The company I’ll be discussing about is called VaporNation. VaporNation specializes in, you should know, vaporizers. The vaporizers all come in different forms such as a pen, portable, or desktop. You can use either herbs or concentrate. The company was formed in 2008, located in Southern California so they have establish a good amount of time. VaporNation does offer free shipping, winning an award for customer service, 100% price protection on your orders, and much more. Some of the products they do carry is grinders, vapors, pipes, that’s just to name their top products selling. So if you’re looking to go the safe route, stop looking as this is the right spot to read about vaporizing companies within the pot field.

The last one, that will be reviewed for your online shopping is called Dealzer. Now this company goes into another direction as well with grow tents, grow lights, pretty much more of the equipment of growing marijuana. The plus about Dealzer too, if the fact they also have sprays for pest/disease control. It all depends on what you are into and what are you doing but this seems to have some great products. These aren’t any cheap prices either but for what you get from these products is sure worth the money!

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