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Looking into hosting services that can suit your needs? Look no further as I present a few companies that can assist you into what you need! In this article I will give you light on WP Engine, Linux Hosting, and I will give you what they offer and prices that you may find to save you on time and searching.

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WP Engine is the leading Wordpress digital platform in the world. The company is into software innovation and services, helping to create sites and apps to drive businesses faster. They have a diverse of people who work in the company who have winning awards under their belts. Their awards range from “Best Places to Work” (2014,15,16,17), “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” (2017), and “Ethics in Business & Community” (2017) just to name a few of their accomplishments.

They have four different plans that you can choose from, “Startup” which includes 25k visits per month, 1 site, and 50gb bandwidth. The pricing on this is $35 monthly. The next “Growth” which includes 100k visits per month, 5 sites, and 200gb bandwidth starting at $115 monthly. Then “Scale” which includes 400k visits per month, 15 sites, and 400gb bandwidth starting at $290 per month. All the plans are risk-free for 60 days and they also offer a custom plan.

Linux Hosting is another good company to look into to help your business. The company offer different and many options as well such as cloud hosting, email, WordPress hosting, different servers, and also a reseller hosting. This company has been around since 2001 being one of the largest web hosting provider serving the UK. They have managed to stay around for a long time due to their decision stay privately owned retaining their small business mentality for their customers. They have four plans that is being offered: Starter, Premium, Advanced, and Developer and starts off at 2 websites, unlimited emails, and databases as highlights for their customers.

The last one I will discuss about is called and this company has been around since 1999. Their product offers include shared hosting, cloud hosting as well, quick servers, and dedicated servers. They have the award for “Years of Excellence” which is a great achievement. They have customers ranging from just individual freelancers all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. So they do have a nice report in the top companies of the hosting field. The company owners are Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri, who started in high school.

I do hope that you find this very helpful in your search or just knowledge about hosting services. Thank you for reading this article on About People 4Ever!

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