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When we think of jewelry, we automatically think about women first. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! We can agree on that. In this section of our jewelry companies we also include men’s jewelry as well. The companies involved has many great selections and great prices for what you are looking to buy yourself or someone special and I will also give you information in this blog about a few of the companies I present to you such as A. Jaffe, Zoara, and DeeWatch to name a few. So please read down below and also check out their sites for a much a larger inventory, thank you!!

In the case of Abraham Jaffe, a determined 26 year old New Yorker, diamonds put a twinkle in his eye and they were the rock upon which a great American business was born. In 1892 Abraham Jaffe set up shop on Maiden Lane in downtown New York City. Later he was a pioneer in moving his business to West 47th Street, the area that eventually became an epicenter for the international jewelry world. No matter where he took his business, he initiated a forward thinking approach that carries on to this day.

Deewatch Women's Watches combine Scandinavian quality and simplicity with an exclusive, romantic and bold design from southern Europe. The Deewatch design was born during a trip through southern Europe's fashion metropolises. Along the way, we were inspired by the local clothing and jewelry fashion and realized that it’s warm, bold yet very stylish expressions fit perfectly together with our Deewatch quality watches.

Zoara is the culmination of over 50 years of combined professional expertise in the diamond and jewelry industries. For decades the company's founders and management have been offering high-end jewelry and diamonds to the public in retail stores throughout the United States. Now, after years of collective requests from our customers, we are delighted to offer the much anticipated internet platform for our retail stores, in the form of Zoara. Founded in 2008, our U.S. based website is the first extension of our combined Diamond Jewelry , Gemstone Jewelry and retail experience to reach the public market in the form of a sophisticated online retail marketplace.

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